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Partner FAQs

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How do you collect receipts on behalf of the donor?

Our Customer Success Team work with your receipting person or team to collect these receipts. If you have a large donor base, we can explore integrating with your CRM or receipting system.

How often do you transfer the money back into our account? Is it at the end of the tax year?

We automatically disburse the re-gifted rebates into your account per donor, on the 20th of every month.

What information will I see when that transaction lands in my account?

The re-gifted rebates will come through as a new donation. The transaction will show in your nominated bank account as from Supergenerous, an indication that it is a donation and a Supergenerous Donor ID.

Next, we'll send you an email for each transaction with the Supergenerous ID and the name of the donor that this donation belongs to/came from for your organisation to reconcile.

What if our donors donate through a third party like Givealittle or Everyday Hero?

That is totally fine, this is very common and our lovely Customer Success team has relationships with these platforms and gathers receipts from them too. If your donor chooses to re-gift their rebate, the money will still be transferred to you as a new donation.

Who from my organisation provides you with the receipts?

This differs per charity, school or religious organisation. You may have a dedicated Receipt's Handler or your admin team might handle these types of requests. When you join our community, we ask you who to contact to retrieve these.

Regifted donation rebates

If someone re-gifts where will the money go?

We transfer your organisation the rebate back to the bank account you provide us with in the 'join the community' onboarding form.

If I'm not a Superpartner can I still receive donation re-gifts from my donors?

Yes, regardless of whether you are in our community, we still transfer you your donors rebates back to you because that is what your donor has requested and we do not exclude anyone - we want to help all organisations.

The benefits of being in the community include having access to marketing and communication assets from the Supergenerous team to raise awareness of our service within your donor base - therefore increasing the potential amount of re-gifted rebates.

If a donor re-gifts their money, will it come back to our charity or do they have the option to re-gift it to any charity?

Yes, if the donation rebate is from a donation to your charity, the donor only has the option to take that money home or re-gift it back to your charity.

What if my donors donate to more that one charity?

We have found that 80% of Kiwi's who donate to a charity actually donate to more than four at a time. We call this a donation wallet. At the time of sign up the donor discloses the organisations/schools they have donated to and the rebate is processed based on the actual donations they have made to each organisation.

Do I need to send monthly receipts for each donor? How often do I send receipts to you?

No you do not. What happens is, when a donor first signs up with us, we work with you to collect their donation receipts for the past four years of their giving (if they haven't already claimed for these). Going forward, once that donor has signed up with us, we will only ask for their receipts at the end of every tax year.

Supergenerous and the IRD

What is your status with the IRD?

Supergenerous is a Tax Representative registered with the IRD. To put it simply, we represent the tax payer, authorised to act on their behalf to facilitate their donation rebate claims with the IRD.

What if my donor has already claimed their rebates through the IRD and then claims again through you?

There is no double dipping because we have access to the donor's basic information about donation rebates through the IRD system. There is a checking process in place before a rebate is processed and it will be flagged to our Customer Success team if the rebate has already been claimed before.

In what way do you work with the IRD?

We have access on behalf of the donors who sign up with us, to claim donation rebates for individuals. How this works is we have access to donation rebate records through the IRD and claim on their behalf. We do not see or have access to any other information related to that individual's finances.


Do you charge fees for charities?

No, not at this time. Our service is free for charities, schools and religious organisations. We want our partners to see the value in accessing this untapped funding source.

What is the fee for donors to claim their rebate with you?

If we successfully claim rebates for donors, we take a small fee of 15% + GST for processing the claim on their behalf. This small fee helps our business continue to grow and keep attracting more donors to Supergenerous.

Communication to donors

How do we let our donors know about Supergenerous?

When you become a Superpartner, you will gain access to a suite of communication assets and your own landing page to send your donors to. Our partnerships team will also work with your organisation to find the best way to effectively reach your unique donor base.

Do we need to have marketing and comms capability to use your service?

Not necessarily. When you join the community the team work with you to find a tailored communications solution that suits your capability and resources. To make things easier we give you communications templates that you can use to reach out to your donor base - what that looks like can be different for each organisation. Talk to our partnerships team for more on this via


If I am school or religious organisation, can my donors and our organisation use the Supergenerous service?

Yes, our digital platform and Superpartner community is for all charitable organisations.

How does Supergenerous work?

Supergenerous allows anyone who has donated to a charitable organisation in the past 4 years to claim their donation rebates (33.3% of original donation) once signed up with us, and have the option to take the money home or give it back to the charity.

If we secure a rebate for an individual, we take a small fee of 10% + GST that helps us continue the work we are doing and getting donation rebates back out to charitable organisations.

Do we have to have the right tech/integrations to use Supergenerous?

Not at all, only if you are interested. We can explore system integration solutions for charities who have a high volume of donors and may have a large quantity of receipts.

How big does my organisation have to be to use your services?

We work with charities, schools and religious organisations of all sizes.

What information do you need for my organisation to sign up?

The onboarding form outlines all the information that we need. After you have signed up, we just have to verify your bank account details and then you're ready to go!