Supergenerous and Kindo are teaming up to make school donations go further.


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60% of Kiwis don't claim their donation rebates. That means there's 250 million dollars of rebates that go unclaimed each year in New Zealand that could be going back into our schools and the community. 

Supergenerous is an online platform taking the hassle out of claiming for good. Using our platform, donors can claim their donation rebates - with the option to supercharge their impact by regifting rebates back to the causes they care about.

Now, with Kindo's help, we're making it even easier for your school's donations to go further.

When your school is set up for school donation collection and receipts with Kindo, and you choose Supergenerous as your preferred donation rebate provider, parents and carers will be given the option to regift their rebates using Supergenerous when they make a donation to your school.


Over 4,000 generous donors use Supergenerous to claim and regift their donation rebates


This amounts to over $92,000 donated to charity and schools by our super generous donors


Over $2 million dollars of donations identified to be claimed by Supergenerous


Regifted rebates donated to over 151 nonprofits, schools and religious organisations across the country

How it works:

Supergenerous is integrating with Kindo to make accessing rebate funding easy.

What are the benefits for my school, parents and caregivers?
• Supergenerous' integration with Kindo means the offer of our service will be available to parents and caregivers at the time they donate to your school through Kindo.

• Kindo sends Supergenerous the donation receipts needed to make claims with the IRD on behalf of your parents and caregivers - meaning you don't have to do any manual admin.

• Without spending any more money, parents and caregivers will have a way to give back to their school. Your school will recieve the regifted rebates as new donations.

• Once a parent or caregiver is signed up with Supergenerous, they can use our platform to claim for and regift any further school, charity or religious donation rebates.

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Sign up as an official Supergenerous partner below.


Make sure your school is set up with Kindo for donation collection and receipting.


Choose Supergenerous as your preferred donation rebate service. (Call: 0508 4KINDO)


Parents/Carers can opt to regift their donation tax rebate at the time they make a donation to your school.

Supergenerous is free for schools.

We won't invoice you or ask you to enter into long term contracts.

Who uses our platform?

Caregivers or parents from your school may already be using our platform to claim or regift their donation rebates.
With our platform, they easily can claim for school, charity and religious organisations all in one place.

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Use the rebate calculator to estimate your school's potential.


User Stories

"I knew you could get a tax refund on your donations, but I never got around to it"

"That's why Supergenerous is so fantastic. They helped me get my refunds both for my charitable donations and my school fee donations, so it ended up being quite a significant amount. Donating it back to the charities I support made me feel really good, and it didn't cost me anything"


Kohimaramara, Auckland

Regifted his $1,400 rebate

User Stories

"When I first heard about Supergenerous I thought "this can’t be real, how are we not doing this already?" It’s so much money and so easy!

"Getting a tax rebate on my donations would have been really hard for me, but with Supergenerous I just had to fill in a few questions online. Then it wasn’t long before they came back and said how much money I was getting back.


Silverdale, Auckland

Regifted her rebate

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How can donation regifting work for my school?

Whenever a parent or caregiver donates to your school, they are entitled to a 33% rebate. With Supergenerous and Kindo, parents can easily claim and regift their rebate to the school as a new donation by opting in to Supergenerous at the time they donate.

How can my school get ready for 2022 rebates?

Ensure you’re set up with Kindo for donation collection and receipts and that you choose Supergenerous as your sole provider by letting Kindo know we’re your preferred provider. (Call: 0508 4KINDO)

How can Supergenerous help the parents and caregivers at our school with claiming?

We automate rebate claims on the donors behalf and facilitate the donation of the funds back to your school. We handle the IRD side of things while Kindo makes it easy for your school by integrating the offer of our service at the time of donation.

How can we ensure parents and carers opt in to re-gift their donation to the school with Supergenerous?

Kindo will prompt opt-in to Supergenerous at the time parents donate. We know parents are keen to help their children’s school, that’s why we’re giving them an option to donate more without reaching into their wallets.

My school is already using Kindo for donation collection and receipt, how do I get started with Supergenerous?

If your school is already using Kindo to collect donations and provide receipts, simply sign up with Supergenerous as a partner, then let Kindo know that you want to choose Supergenerous to handle donation rebate regifting for your school. (Call: 0508 4KINDO)